Your local, independent choice for Edmonton same-day delivery. Worker-owned cooperative bike messenger service specializing in fast, professional food and package delivery. We’ll get it there.

Why Champ City?

Your business and your time are important, you can trust us with both.


Combined, our riders have decades of experience safely biking through Edmonton’s best and worst weather—all while carrying heavy, urgent or fragile cargo.


We’re a cooperative, meaning we’re personally invested in the quality of our work. That means we’ll always show up and you’ll always be taken care of.


On busy streets, bikes are faster and more reliable than cars. You’ll be shocked how quick a delivery is when you don’t have to worry about parking.


We provide a service to help Edmonton small businesses and customers connect. We’re a small business too, not a faceless international app.


Every job done by Champ City means one less car trip. We live in Edmonton and we want to help our neighbourhoods be quieter, cleaner and safer.

Get Champ City

Check out our rates and services pages for a list of our zones and to see how we can help you today. Still curious about how bike messengers work in Edmonton? You can learn more in our about and FAQs sections. Thanks Edmonton, we’ll see you on the streets!