We know what it's like to be a starving student. That's why we keep our services as accessible as possible. Get Champ City and you get reasonable rates for exceptional service.

Food = $5
Restaurant delivery is a deliciously-cheap $5—sometimes even less, depending on our food partner. We'll get it there hot and fast. Next-level Edmonton food delivery at a price you can stomach.
Package Delivery
Big, small, urgent or not—we've got your back. For package delivery rates, check out the info below.
The Basics
The Extras
  • Pokey — $4

    4 hours or less. This is a relaxed, take your time kind of trip. As long as it gets there sometime today, life is good.

  • Regular — $5

    2 hours or less. Our standard delivery. You need it there, but you’re not pulling out your hair just yet

  • Rush — $10

    1 hour or less. Time to put a little pepper on it. It’s gotta get there pretty fast, but we’re somewhere below a full-blown panic.

  • asap — $15

    30 minutes or less. This gets pumped right to the top of our priority list. Thank goodness our bikes are so fast.

  • $2 — Extra Zone

    A little extra distance comes with a little extra price. Each zone boundary we cross to deliver your trip is a toonie.

  • $3 — Bridge Fee

    If we’ve got to cross the North Saskatchewan to deliver your trip. Sure the view is great, but it takes time to hustle the High Level.

  • $5/5min — Wait Time

    If the pickup or drop off aren’t ready or available. The first five minutes are always free. Then it’s $5 per five minute block.

  • $5 — Wrong Address

    Mistakes happen. But having to take your trip to a new address takes extra time.

Go Big
Don't be afraid to throw some heavy stuff at us—we can handle it. But extra bulk costs a bit more.
Big Stuff
Heavy Stuff
  • $3 — Small Box

    Shoebox sized.

  • $4 — Medium Box

    Size of two shoeboxes.

  • $5 — Large Box

    Filebox sized.

  • free — first 10 lbs

    Weighs less than a housecat.

  • $5 — additional 10 lbs

    Extra weight, a little extra price.

  • A reasonable limit

    We can handle a lot, but be advised that a rider may decline a very heavy trip out of space or safety concerns.

Trip Cost Calculator
Use this handy form to get a quick estimate of what your trip may cost. Please select only one option in each section. Keep in mind this is a guide only—additional charges may apply.