We know what it's like to be a starving student. That's why we keep our services as accessible as possible. Get Champ City and you get reasonable rates for exceptional service.

Food = $5
Restaurant delivery is a deliciously-cheap $5—sometimes even less, depending on our food partner. We'll get it there hot and fast. Next-level Edmonton food delivery at a price you can stomach.
Package Delivery
Big, small, urgent or not—we've got your back. For package delivery rates, check out the info below.
The Basics
The Extras
  • All Day — $3

    This is a relaxed, take your time kind of delivery. Deliveries ordered before 12 pm will be there on the same business day, while deliveries ordered after 12 pm will be delivered by 12 pm the next day.

  • Regular — $5

    4 hours or less. Our standard delivery. You need it there, but you’re not pulling out your hair just yet

  • asap — $20

    30 minutes or less. This gets pumped right to the top of our priority list. Thank goodness our bikes are so fast.

  • $2 — Extra Zone

    A little extra distance comes with a little extra price. Each zone boundary we cross to deliver your trip is a toonie.

  • $5/5min — Wait Time

    If the pickup or drop off aren’t ready or available. The first five minutes are always free. Then it’s $5 per five minute block.

  • $5 — Wrong Address

    Mistakes happen. But having to take your trip to a new address takes extra time.

Go Big
Don't be afraid to throw some heavy stuff at us—we can handle it. But extra bulk costs a bit more.
Big Stuff
Heavy Stuff
  • $3 — Small Box

    Shoebox sized.

  • $4 — Medium Box

    Size of two shoeboxes.

  • $5 — Large Box

    Filebox sized.

  • free — first 10 lbs

    Weighs less than a housecat.

  • $5 — additional 10 lbs

    Extra weight, a little extra price.

  • A reasonable limit

    We can handle a lot, but be advised that a rider may decline a very heavy trip out of space or safety concerns.