What We Do

You’ll be amazed at what an experienced bike messenger can accomplish. We just need to know what it is, where it’s going and when it needs to be there. If it can fit in our bags or on our backs, we’ll get it there. Check out our rates page for our service levels and delivery charges.

Food Delivery

We partner with local restaurants to bring the finest in Edmonton food right to your door. Special insulated bags keep your food hot and delicious, even when the weather’s not. Why go out into the cold when you don’t have to? Edmonton food delivery…on a bike? Believe it.

Everything Else

What ya got? Boxes, envelopes, bottles—small, medium, huge—we’ve seen and handled it all. Want us to pick up your dry cleaning? Grab a thumb drive for an urgent presentation? Your Great Dane? Ok, maybe that’s where we draw the line.


Are you a restaurant owner looking to partner with a fast, green, professional and local food delivery service? Champ City has your back. We are a nimble worker-owned cooperative, a committed team of friends and experienced couriers. We know that when you do well, we do well. 

Why trust your food—your passion, your hard work—to just anyone? Our riders are battle-tested on Edmonton's mean streets. We'll keep deliveries to a local radius to ensure your customers get your product hot and fresh. We're local small business owners, just like you, and we want to grow together. Get in touch today to partner with Champ City—we'll get it there.


Check out our nifty map to see if we're in your 'hood. Keep in mind we limit food deliveries to one zone crossing, so your meal stays hot and fresh. Out-of-zone deliveries possible on a per-trip basis. See our rates for more info.